CCTOP - Direct Interface

To enable programmatic access to the CCTOP server, a direct interface was created with the following functions and links.

A functional template python script can be downloaded from here.


Starts the prediction on a consecutive amino acid chain. It returns with the current job's JOBID, which can be used later to retrieve the result. An 'id' (FASTA header) and a sequence ('seq') has to be provided. In order to reduce the possibility of errors, please provide simple ids for the sequences and try to avoid special characters like '|@&/', white-spaces, etc..


Get the current status of the submitted job, by its JOBID

The possible statuses are:

  • Scheduled: the job is currently scheduled in the grid system
  • Running: the job is running
  • Finished: the job is finished, the results can be retrieved
  • Error: CCTOP encountered an error while running. This may be caused by badly format input, please check.
  • Invalid: the system cannot find the jobid, some error occurred internally


Get the result of the submitted job, by its JOBID:

  • in tab-delimited format:
  • in XML format:
All: #visitors: 2852376, #jobs: 983733, #seqs: 3004272 .:|:. Last week: 348 jobs .:|:. Current load: 0 jobs